How To Increase Relationships At Work?

Knowing people at work can lead to more productivity in the workplace and happier employees. In order to build your network into something strong, you need to pick out the people that are worthwhile getting better acquainted with; this is doable but takes a lot of time. Luckily, today there are new technology methods that have not only helped workers establish more firm connections with their colleagues, but also enhanced it too!

Why is your work relationship important?

Relationships can be key to help you succeed at work. They can also create a supportive network, which can be beneficial in various ways. Here are five reasons why your work relationship is important:

1. Relationships can help you build trust.

When you trust someone, it’s easier for that person to do their job well. Trust forms when we have been treated fairly and with respect, and we have honesty and candor from the other person. When we trust our co-workers, it makes it easier to share information, collaborate on projects, and get things done together.

2. Relationships can help you build teamwork skills.

Teamwork is essential in any workplace, but it’s especially important in today’s competitive environment. By working together as a team, colleagues not only increase their chances of success, but also learn how to manage themselves and others effectively. These skills can be invaluable in any career path.

3. Relationships can help you develop new skills.

When you work with a partner or colleague, they may offer you advice or suggestions that could help you improve your skill set. By sharing knowledge and resources with others, you may be able to acquire new abilities that will be useful in your new role. When training, you should consider working with coworkers and students so that you can work on specific skills together.

4. Have a sense of curiosity about the other’s perspective.

While it helps to know what questions to ask at interviews, dealing with an unfamiliar person means you need to pay attention to how they answer those questions too. So don’t simply question someone, rather try to listen and learn from what they have to say in order for you to understand their view about a situation better. While everyone has different experiences, this kind of listening is beneficial for building bridges between colleagues and co-workers – regardless of who answers each individual question.

5. Allow Questions and Answers.

Allow questions to be answered with pauses, gestures, change of voice and quality of tone. Remember that it’s not just the exact answer that matters, rather how you ask a question is more important than actually asking. It’s all in the level of enthusiasm and delivery when asking questions, and always remember to take into consideration all possible points of view, never judge or tell people what they must do or think – simply listen because you care about them.

6. Ask open-ended questions that encourage engaging answers.

Ask open-ended questions that encourage engaging answers – but only if you really want to hear a specific answer:Avoid leading questions like “how” or “why”. Instead phrase a question as an open one and allow additional learnings from the answer provided.

how to increase relationships at work

5 Ways to Increase Your Relationship with Your Coworker

If you want to increase your relationship at work, here are some tips that may help:

1. Show interest in your coworkers. 

Ask them about their lives and what they are doing outside of work. This will show that you care about them and want to be friends.

2. Be positive and supportive. 

Compliment your coworkers on their accomplishments and offer constructive criticism when needed. This will show that you care about their development as professionals, and that you are looking out for their best interests.

3. Make time for the team. 

When possible, try to get involved in team activities and meetings. This will show that you’re invested in the workplace culture and community, and that you want to be a part of it.

4. Respect everyone’s opinion. 

Even if you disagree with someone, respect their opinion nonetheless. This will build trust between you and them, and they may be more likely to share information with you in the future. 

5. Just one more thing.

If you ever make a mistake, take responsibility for it and apologize to whomever you hurt. They will be likely to forgive you, but only if they trust you and believe that you aren’t going evil on them in the future. 

how to increase relationships at work

5 Qualities or Actions that Create Successful Working Relationships

If you want to increase the likelihood of success in your relationships at work, here are six qualities or actions that will help:

1. Listen attentively. 

When you listen attentively, you not only understand what your co-worker is saying, but you also show that you value their opinion. As a result, they are more likely to confide in and share information with you.

2. Share perspectives and insights.

Share perspectives and insights that are different from your own. When you share perspectives and insights that are different from your own, it shows that you respect their ideas and opinions. This helps to build trust and create a deeper relationship.

3. Be willing to compromise. 

A successful working relationship requires both parties to be willing to compromise and put in an effort on both sides. If one party constantly insists on getting their way, the relationship will struggle.

4. Be respectful of other people’s time and workloads. 

When it comes to other people’s time and workloads, be respectful both in words and actions. This shows that you value their time and are willing to cooperate instead of competing with them.

5. Apologize when necessary. 

Even if something doesn’t go as planned or you didn’t mean to offend someone in the process, always apologize when needed. This will show that you acknowledge your mistakes and understand their feelings. It won’t have negative repercussions later if you do so openly and sincerely, which is better than all the explanations in the world.


Relationships at work can be difficult, but there are a few things that you can do to make them easier. By following these few tips, you can turn dull office meetings into more productive discussions and build better relationships with your co-workers. Remember to be respectful of everyone in the room and try not to take things personally. If all goes well, you might just find that your workplace relationships become some of the strongest ties that you have in life.

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