How To Cut The Cord From Past Relationships?

Whether it is in a lifelong relationship or one which came to a natural end, some difficult endings can be tough to deal with. So what’s a person who has just ended a serious relationship to do? Cutting the cord from past relationships after an awkward split might help ease some of those emotions.

Breaking Up Online: The New Normal?

Millennials are breaking up online at an alarming rate, and it’s not just due to the state of relationships. In fact, many cite streaming services as a primary factor in their decision to end a relationship. According to a study released by the Pew Research Center in 2018, almost 60% of millennials say they have broken up with someone because of how they consumed media. This includes nearly half of all respondents who said they had broken up over social media platforms.

Streaming services have always been popular among millennials, but the use of these services has increased even more in recent years due to the popularity of mobile devices. 43% of millennials say that they have ended a relationship because they were no longer able to see each other, and over half (51%) said that this was because the other person was using streaming services or watching TV shows or movies on their phone or laptop instead of being present. Of those millennials who RazoRock surveyed about why they broke up with someone, 59% cited technology as a factor. In fact, RazoRock found that technology is more likely to be the culprit for breaking up than distance.

Not only do most millennials find it annoying to see their partner obsessively checking their phone all the time, but they feel that technology is interfering in relationships altogether and we can take a look at a few studies to get an idea of why. 

For example, one study found that 37% reported feeling disengaged in their relationship because of technology use during sex and one popular rumor was that tech prevented couples from getting turned on by each other. Another study suggested that heavy users were less interested in intimacy, showed fewer tender displays, and had significantly lower ratings for body fat than non-tech users; however, the study did not specify whether or not those subjects were cheating on their partners!

how to cut the cord from past relationships

Logical Realities of Cords and Reunions

Cutting the cord from past relationships is a difficult but important step. Here are a few reasons why: 

  • You’ll be happier without them in your life.
  • They won’t be utilizing or burdening your time or energy.
  • You’ll have more time for yourself and new relationships.
  • It will help you focus on your current relationship. 

Practical Solutions for Cutting the Cord

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to how to cut the cord from past relationships, as the best way to do so depends on the specific situation. However, some effective tips for cutting the cord include talking about why you want to end the relationship, setting realistic expectations, and communicating honestly. Additionally, it can be helpful to set boundaries with your former partner and refuse to compromise on important matters.

how to cut the cord from past relationships

Tips for Refraining from Drama With Your Ex

If you’re thinking about cutting the cord from a past relationship, here are some tips to keep in mind: 

1. Establish boundaries early on. 

Before things get too heated, make sure you and your ex are on the same page about how much communication is necessary. If you both feel like talking constantly, then by all means do so, but if one or both of you wants to take a break after a certain point, that’s okay too. 

2. Avoid making assumptions. 

Don’t assume your ex is still mad at you simply because they haven’t talked to you in awhile—try reaching out and seeing what’s going on. Getting closure on past issues can help ease any lingering tension and foster a healthier relationship down the line. 

3. Be respectful of your ex’s space and time.

It’s understandable if you want to confront your ex after they’ve rebuffed your attempts at communication, but be respectful of their space and timetable for resolving things. If they’re not willing or able to talk to you immediately, try scheduling an appointment or meeting instead; putting pressure on them will only result in more resistance (and likely drama). 

4. Remember that breakup isn’t always the breakup. 

Being upset by your breakup takes time to heal, but being so sad and accusatory has a tendency to spin out of control, leaving you frustrated when all you need is some time and space. Respectably expressing your disappointment or sadness will keep the peace in the long run. 

5. You don’t have to be alone during this difficult period of recovery in order to help ease the pain of any ongoing relationship issues. Finding a good therapist or counselor with whom you can work closely through this healing process is an excellent option, since they know these situations inside-out and can help bring clarity at once whenever necessary. Your ex might very well regret hurting you which it why dumping them sooner rather than later is something both parties should consider in determining the best way to move forward with their lives.


It can be hard to let go of a past relationship, whether it was tumultuous or simply not the right fit. But sometimes it is important to move on in order for yourself to reach your full potential. If you find that you are resisting the idea of parting ways with your former partner, here are a few tips on how to cut the cord without harming either party involved. Remember: love is never meant to last forever, so don’t get locked into a situation that will only hold you back.

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